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Divorce Accounting

South Carolina Divorce Accounting

Meilinger Consulting P.C. specializes in divorce accounting and will handle your case with professionalism and empathy.

When you have a forensic accountant on your side, you'll feel confident that your finances are well represented. We will uncover hidden assets and unreported income so you get a fair settlement.

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Business Valuations

South Carolina Business Valuations

Our South Carolina Consulting firm provides business valuation services for closely held businesses, personal and family ownership interest, and professional practices.

We provide results that will stand up in court, assist you in trial preparation, and yield comprehensive conclusions.

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Litigation Support

Meilinger Consulting P.C. provides support in divorces, legal disputes, business valuation and other litigation matters. We have expertise in performing forensic investigations, reporting and documentation, trial preparation, case strategies and can provide reliable expert witness testimony when needed.

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