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Litigation Support

Complex financial litigation can be daunting, but Meilinger Consulting P.C. , a Greenville Consulting Firm, can help. We have extensive expertise in performing forensic investigations, meticulous reporting and documentation, trial preparation and case strategy development, making us the superior choice when conducting your next investigation. We know that every litigation entails a risk factor; our Greenville Consulting Firm aims to control that risk and reduce it to a minimum.

Michael Meilinger has been qualified as an expert witness in family as well as civil court. Due to our expert knowledge and training in matters of mergers and acquisitions, family law, due diligence and commercial litigation, Meilinger Consulting is able to evaluate and analyze every aspect of the litigation process.

We have the ability, training and the specialized certifications to perform competitively and compensate for the intricacies of each individual case. You can count on our Greenville Consulting Firm to produce integral results and provide unbiased litigation support from start to finish.

Our Litigation Support services include:

  • Assistance in preparation of deposition
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Economic damages
  • Expert testimony
  • Critique of the opposition's report
  • Settlement negotiations assistance
  • Trial notebook preparation

1 Hour Consultation ($300 consultation fee requited. If you become a client, we will apply this fee towards the cost of your retainer).

Call Mike Meilinger at 864-288-3049 today. Let us know how our litigation services can help you.

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