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I highly recommend Mike Meilinger as a forensic accountant and financial expert. I first met Mike in February of 2009 at the Greenville County Bar Continuing Legal Education seminar. Mike did a presentation on Forensic accounting techniques for family and civil court. I was impressed with his speaking abilities and knowledge of the subject.

I recently hired Mike on a very difficult case involving a business dispute between two partners involving a small restaurant. Our client was inactive in the operation of the business and had left it under the control of the other party. On paper the business was not profitable, making it very hard to prove our client's claim that he should get paid for his half of the business. Mike was able to assist us in formulating the subpoenas to get all the information needed. Then he did a complete direct forensic examination of the business which did not uncover any discrepancies between the bank records, financial statement and tax returns. However; Mike also performed several indirect procedures and determined that the one partner left in control of the business was most likely not reporting a significant amount of the cash sales of the company, and using this cash to pay employee and personal expenses, all to the detriment of our client's interest. Within a week of the opposing attorney deposing Mike and receiving his affidavit, the case was settled favorably for our client. I could not have accomplished such a favorable result for my client without Mike's dedication and expertise. He and his staff were a pleasure to work with.


Constantine S. Christophillis

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